Written by Shawn Butterfield

Storm Damage Repair

After a long, cold blistering winter it is so nice to finally feel the warmth of the sun. Bird are starting to chirp, grass is beginning to turn green, and families are starting to head outside. Spring is when everyone starts getting outside to freshen up their yard; planting flowers, raking left over leaves, getting new mulch, and digging out their patio furniture. This is the time of year that most people love. The sun beats down and we all soak up the rays as we haven’t been able to feel their warmth in months.

Not only is this a pleasant time of year, it also can bring on some nasty storms. With the mix of the high and low pressures, dew and humidity points all over the place, it puts us all at risk for severe weather. Hail and high winds can damage our homes; damage all of the hard work we put into them.

Hail can be very damaging but it is not always visible from the ground. As hail hits the shingles, it can cause granules to come loose and also bruise the bottoms layers of matting. This damages the integrity of the shingles and may cause leaks later on. Did you know that insurance companies will help pay to replace your roof if it has enough hail damage? As a local roofer and general contractor, we know what hail damage looks like and know the longer effects it can have on your home. Let us help make sure you get the help you deserve.

Last night we had the first storms of the year; Dodge, Olmsted, and Wabasha Counties were the hardest hit. Byron, Blooming Prairie, Dodge Center, and Plainview were a few cities that received 2” hail. These storms may not have seemed very strong but they brought along with them hail that caused serious damage and needs a local contractor to come in and repair the damage. Left unrepaired, leaks will likely pop up in coming years.

Spring is a great time of year but also when we need to be constantly sky aware. Get someone in your corner so when high winds come through or hail strikes, you have someone to help bring your home to pre-storm condition. Protect your home so it can continue to protect you and your family for years to come.

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Can you roof over existing shingles?

At Millersberg Construction, we often hear the question, “Can you roof over existing shingles?” When people ask this, there are normally two motivating factors. One is likely their roofing budget and the other may be that the homeowner is cautious and is concerned the project will take a long time. However, it is against code in Minnesota to cover over existing shingles.

When time and money are a concern, Millersberg Construction makes roofing easy on a customer and will take them step by step through the project. We provide a free inspection and can help you figure out the right shingles for your budget.

As far as savings, you’ll love this: GAF offers you many great Lifetime Shingle choices, including Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology. They’re the #1-selling shingles in North America!

Plus, we have: Roof deck protection, leak barriers and cobra attic ventilation.
We understand homeowners concerns when replacing their roof. However, Millersberg Construction brings the expertise and know-how to make the job a breeze. Our business is built upon an excellent customer experience and the satisfaction of knowing that the job is done right for you. We’ll work on every building as if it were our own.

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Top 4 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Fall is in the air! At Millersberg Construction, we know that fall is a great time to take care of these top 4 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips:

1. Make sure all drainage areas are unblocked by leaves and debris. Plus, make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris.

2. Check your attic to make sure that the vapor barrier of your insulation is facing downward. This will trap moisture and stop possible water problems.

3. Trim dead branches off trees to prevent them from breaking off with a build-up of ice or being blown down during a winter storm. Too often, dead branches can land on your roof and could potentially damage your roof or shingles.

4. Schedule an appointment with Millersberg Construction for a roof inspection. If the shingles are curling, buckling or crackling, you will need to replace them. Millersberg can check the roof plus the flashing around pipes and chimneys. With snow and ice on the horizon, you don’t want any gaps or ice will find its way in that space.

Just a few maintenance tips can help you prepare your home for the upcoming Minnesota weather. If you have any questions, please contact Millersberg Construction in Dundas, MN.

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Why hire a professional roofer?

“Why do I need to hire you? Can’t I do this work myself?”

Ah, the question every roofer hears at some point. Unfortunately,(the Better Business Bureau reports that a shocking 73 percent of homeowners feel home repair and improvement contractors can’t be trusted). Finding someone you can trust is pivotal. Millersberg Construction prides ourselves on being one of the best construction companies to work with in Minnesota. Our certifications stand behind that. We make the experience focused on you from beginning to end. That’s why we don’t ask for any money upfront, have the best warranties available, and use top-of-the-line materials to ensure the best solution for your home.

Here are a few points why you should hire a professional roofer:

  • You may seriously damage their roof. At their most innocuous, improperly nailed roofs can result in ripples, lifted shingles, and leaks. On the more serious side, there is potential for roof collapse and even bodily harm. As a DIYer, you may have replaced a few shingles here and there, but roof work requires a pro.
  • Local jurisdiction may forbid you from doing roofing work on your home and certainly without a license.
  • You may void a manufacturer’s warranty. Improper installations result in so many roofing replacements that manufacturers often won’t cover a roof that isn’t installed by a licensed contractor.

So, when you are ready to roof, contact Millersberg Construction. We are here to help!

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Minnesota military roofing rebate

This Minnesota military roofing rebate is a way to say thank you to all the military families and people who give each day for our country. GAF Roof for Troops program is available through December 31, 2016. Active U.S. military, veterans, and retirees receive a $250 rebate on a GAF Lifetime Roofing System* that includes GAF Lifetime shingles and at least 3 qualifying GAF accessories when installed by a GAF Master Elite™ or Certified Contractor between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. (After purchase & mail-in rebate) Learn More Here.

Millersberg Construction is a GAF certified contractor and while the roofing rebate applies to everyone, we are based in Minnesota and are proud to be here. Shawn, the owner of Millersberg Construction, said, “As someone who once traveled for weeks at a time for work, I know the sacrifice it takes for a family. When GAF created this military roofing rebate, I wanted to share it because any small gesture we can give to our Minnesota military families as a way of saying ‘thanks’ is something we want to do.”

We want to make the rebate on roofing easy for military families. At the end of the project, we’ll give you the paperwork you will need to submit your rebate. Because we are GAF certified, you know that by working with Millersberg Construction, you are getting the experience you deserve. We can help you pick the right roofing option and get the job done.

If you want to get more involved or learn how to help our Minnesota troops, check out the Minnesota National Guard website or the Minnesota Military Family Foundation or Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. These are just a few of the organizations that we know of who help military families in Minnesota.

Roof for Troops Minnesota

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Hail Damage Lonsdale Millersberg

Did you see photos of the hail damage around Lonsdale and Millersberg this past week? According to stormersite, This tea cup sized hail was reported at 7:55:00 PM CDT on 06/22/2016 about 6 miles from the center of Lonsdale, Minnesota. Lonsdale has a population of 3674 and has 577 housing units in the area. The exact location that this hail report originated from was 44.42, -93.33. The area around Lonsdale has had 4 hail storm reports within 10 miles in the last 3 years.

At Millersberg Construction, we have seen several hail storms and the damage hail can do. If you know of someone who is unsure of the next step, have them contact us for a free inspection. We work with all insurance agencies and are here to help families get their homes back to where they were.

Written by Shawn Butterfield

Are you sky aware for wind damage?

You have heard about them – some call it wind damage, some call them “straight line” winds and others simply call them summer storms. In Minnesota, we are in the storm season and the local TV station even tells us to “Stay Sky Aware”.

Can winds really cause damage? According to the National Severe Storms website, Damage from severe thunderstorm winds account for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states and is more common than damage from tornadoes. Wind speeds can reach up to 100 mph and can produce a damage path extending for hundreds of miles.

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Written by Shawn Butterfield

Replace your CertainTeed shingles

Millersberg Construction just finished reroofing two homes that had Certainteed Shingles. In 2012, a court determined that Certainteed organic asphalt shingles were subject to a class action lawsuit.  What that means for homeowners is that you can now have your Certainteed Shingles replaced and your insurance company will pay for it.

For example, we did a roof inspection of one home owner’s roof and saw that only a few shingles were missing. However, because you can no longer get those shingles and due to the lawsuit, we were able to work with the homeowner’s insurance company and get the entire roof redone.

According to the Certainteed website, here are ways to know if you have those shingles:

Written by Clayton

Do You Need Roof Repair?

Sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its useful life without experiencing a total failure. It looks old and worn, and you have doing preventative maintenance on your home. Here are some potential signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

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Written by Clayton

Home & Recreation Show

The 2016 Home & Recreation Show takes place this weekend, April 1-3. We’ll be there so don’t forget to stop by the Millersberg Construction booth and enter for a chance to win some great free giveaways!

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