Written by Shawn Butterfield

Replace your CertainTeed shingles

Millersberg Construction just finished reroofing two homes that had Certainteed Shingles. In 2012, a court determined that Certainteed organic asphalt shingles were subject to a class action lawsuit.  What that means for homeowners is that you can now have your Certainteed Shingles replaced and your insurance company will pay for it.

For example, we did a roof inspection of one home owner’s roof and saw that only a few shingles were missing. However, because you can no longer get those shingles and due to the lawsuit, we were able to work with the homeowner’s insurance company and get the entire roof redone.

According to the Certainteed website, here are ways to know if you have those shingles:

  • Check your purchase or repair documents. You may have receipts, warranties, bills of sales, or brochures from when you purchased or repaired your shingles. These documents may say that CertainTeed Organic Shingles were installed on your property.

    • The contractor or company that installed or repaired your shingles may know whether or not Organic Shingles were installed.


    • See if you still have packaging material for the shingles. The roofer may have left a package of leftover shingles in your garage or basement and you may be able to identify them from the packaging.


    • Ask a roofer. An experienced roofer may be able to tell by looking at your roof whether you may have Organic Shingles.


    You should be aware that CertainTeed’s sales records indicate that over 94% of CertainTeed Organic Shingles were sold in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, according to their website.

    At Millersberg Construction, we have years of experience and first-hand knowledge of these shingles. Please contact us to find out if you have these shingles and we’ll be happy to come look.  With Millersberg, you’ll have a lifetime warranty, professional materials and clear expectations.

    We are a Haag Certified Inspector.  In the roofing and insurance industries, the phrase “Haag Certified” carries a lot of weight. It means we can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage.

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