Written by Shawn Butterfield

Why hire a professional roofer?

“Why do I need to hire you? Can’t I do this work myself?”

Ah, the question every roofer hears at some point. Unfortunately,(the Better Business Bureau reports that a shocking 73 percent of homeowners feel home repair and improvement contractors can’t be trusted). Finding someone you can trust is pivotal. Millersberg Construction prides ourselves on being one of the best construction companies to work with in Minnesota. Our certifications stand behind that. We make the experience focused on you from beginning to end. That’s why we don’t ask for any money upfront, have the best warranties available, and use top-of-the-line materials to ensure the best solution for your home.

Here are a few points why you should hire a professional roofer:

  • You may seriously damage their roof. At their most innocuous, improperly nailed roofs can result in ripples, lifted shingles, and leaks. On the more serious side, there is potential for roof collapse and even bodily harm. As a DIYer, you may have replaced a few shingles here and there, but roof work requires a pro.
  • Local jurisdiction may forbid you from doing roofing work on your home and certainly without a license.
  • You may void a manufacturer’s warranty. Improper installations result in so many roofing replacements that manufacturers often won’t cover a roof that isn’t installed by a licensed contractor.

So, when you are ready to roof, contact Millersberg Construction. We are here to help!


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